OKC Commercial Real Estate

OKC Commercial Real Estate is one some of the most affordable in the country. Just take a look at these interesting facts. 

Some Interesting Facts About Oklahoma City:

  • Forbes.com ranks Oklahoma City as #1 in overall income growth nationally
  • Forbes.com ranks Oklahoma City as 4th best in terms of low cost of doing business
  • Southern Living Magazine ranks downtown OKC as one of the Top Five best downtowns in the South
  • MSN.com ranks Oklahoma City as the 6th most drivable city in the U.S.
  • 409% increase in downtown hotel capacity in Oklahoma City since 2000
    (Statistics provided by the Greater OKC Chamber of Commerce)

Oklahoma City Total Population: 1.2 million

Traffic Near Stoney Creek:

Approximately 26,000 cars per day use South Western Avenue. There is easy access from Stoney Creek Office Park to three major interstates, including I-240, I-35, and I-44.


The climate of Oklahoma is very diverse. Summers are hot throughout the region and winters are typically mild. Temperatures in the winter average 26° to 48° F, and summer temperatures average 70° to 100° F. Rainfall is heaviest in late spring and early summer. Average precipitation is 31 inches with an average annual snowfall of 9 inches.